Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard

Engine Type 2 cylinders, SOHC 4-Valve
Bore x Stroke 2.38 x 2.24 in. (60.4 x 57 mm)
Displacement 20.0 cu. in. (327 cc)
Starting Electric
Shaft Length 20 in.
Weight 122 lb.
Trim Method Power Tilt
Propshaft Horsepower 15 HP
Full Throttle Operating Range 5000 – 6000 RPM
Gear Ratio / Shift 2.08:1
Fuel Induction Electronic Fuel Injection with Lean Burn
Alternator 12V 12A
Steering Tiller


Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard
Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard

Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard

Yamaha is a well-known producer of outboard motors and marine engines. You can unwind and take full advantage of your sailing experience thanks to the Yamaha 115 engine’s cutting-edge, lightweight design. One of Yamaha’s strengths is their engine technology. They are one of the most well-known engine brands on the market right now since they have been setting the standard in the 115 horsepower four-stroke category for more than 10 years Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard.

The next-generation F115 is the lightest twin-cam 115HP 4-stroke on the market, weighing in at a category-leading 171kg, 15kg less than it replaces. The silky-smooth four-cylinder design’s outstanding smoothness, along with its unrivaled power-to-weight ratio, results in performance, dependability, and fuel efficiency that are unmatched. Compact and lightweight in design, the F115 is the best option for boaters searching for the newest technology and innovation to power a new boat or for boaters who are thinking about repowering due to its performance and efficiency.

Number of Cylinders: 4 Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard
Capacity: 1832cc
Shaft length: 
20 inch (long) or 25 inch (extra long)
Steering: Mechanical or Hydraulic
Weight: 171 – 178 kgs depending on model
Starting: Electric
Trimming: Power trim and tilt
Inclusions: Control box and digital gauges
Propeller: Aluminium standard. Stainless upgrade available
Warranty: 4 years
Brand: Yamaha
yamaha outboard 115 HP
yamaha outboard 115 HP


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