used yamaha 60 hp 4 stroke for sale

Yamaha 703 Side Control Box, Yamaha Alloy Prop, and Yamaha Looms/Wiring
Two Yamaha digital multi-instruments, each featuring a trim gauge, hours, warnings, gasoline, battery, and trim gauge in addition to a tacho
steering, gasoline filter, fuel tank fittings, and battery (an outboard of this size typically costs between $750 and $850, depending on the design of the boat).
Limiter trimming, if required


used yamaha 60 hp 4 stroke for sale
used yamaha 60 hp 4 stroke for sale

used yamaha 60 hp 4 stroke for sale

Yamaha 60 horsepower 4-stroke outboard motors for sale The most sophisticated F60F ever made has received accolades. Excellent fuel efficiency combined with immense torque and power results in unparalleled versatility.

used yamaha four-stroke 60 horsepower for sale The highly efficient EFI system produces notable torque in the midrange and remarkable power at high engine rpm. Current owners praise the overall experience, which is further enhanced by quiet operating and easy starting.

Strength & Efficiency
dependable, seamless power.
Electronic fuel injection provides quieter, cleaner operation.
exceptional fuel efficiency.

Digital gauges are standard on front control versions, and they can optionally be linked to the cutting-edge Yamaha Digital Network System, which includes fuel management.

Yamaha’s Multi Function Tiller Handle, which boasts a state-of-the-art design, easy access to tilt and trim, and a variable speed trolling switch, is standard on the F60C tiller handle models.

  • For sale is a used Yamaha F60LB (formerly F60FETL) 60 horsepower 4 stroke.- Long F60LHB (formerly F60FEHTL) – Transom height – Electric start, tilt system, and electric start- Tilt system, Tiller handle, electric start; transom height: long;

General Features of used yamaha 60 hp 4 stroke for sale:

  • Smooth reliable power
  • Electronic Fuel injection for cleaner, quieter performance
  • Outstanding fuel economy

When paired with our special alloy (YDC-30), our Phaze FiveTM electro-deposited paint method forms a five-layer corrosion barrier. Stainless steel drive, prop, and shift shafts provide an extra crucial barrier against corrosion. Furthermore, the motor is protected from the environment by several sacrificial anodes.

Force And Effectiveness

Precision multi-point electronic fuel injection is used to precisely deliver the right amount of gasoline, resulting in the highest possible performance and efficiency. Fuel efficiency is further increased by optimizing fuel atomization with Yamaha’s EFI.

Possibility & Regulation
Several-Purpose Tiller Handle

The Yamaha Multi-Function Tiller Handle, which has won numerous awards, may be used with both the F60LA and the recently released F60 and F75. It has a built-in variable trolling switch, gear change, engine start/stop, emergency stop, power trim and tilt operation, controls, and warning lights.

  • Power of Charging

    The F60 and F70’s three-phase alternators have a maximum power output of 35 amps. For the 60 and 75 horsepower models, that means a 40% boost in output over previous models, and for the 115 horsepower, it means a more than 45% increase in charging power. More accessories and battery charging can be done with more than enough electrical power remaining.

    Distinctive Trolling

  • Yamaha offers the Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®) on the F115, F90, and F75. Trolling speeds may therefore be precisely controlled in 50-RPM increments, with 115-hp engines ranging from 650 to 900 RPM and 90- and 75-hp engines from 550 to 1000 RPM. Sub-idle trolling is allowed as well. Fishermen will undoubtedly gain from this.

    Extended Life of Engine

  • Using a freshwater flush device without starting the engine is the best way to flush it with the most comfort, longevity, and engine life.

    • accessible by a mechanical remote or tiller control
      All 377 pounds of it.
      available in 20″ or 25″ shaft sizes.
      strong 35 amp alternator
      Optional variable trolling RPM tachometer-based Command Link®
      The Yamaha Midrange, a four-stroke engine with 115, 60, and 75 horsepower, is completely unexpected. Your sailing background and a strong element of our portfolio.quick and powerful


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