Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor


Engine Type V6 (55 deg.) DOHC 24-Valve
Bore x Stroke 3.74 x 3.35 in. (95 x 85 mm)
Displacement 220.5 (3614 cc)
Starting Electric


Shaft Length 25 in.
Weight 606 lb.


Trim Method Power Trim and Tilt
Propshaft Horsepower 250 HP
Full Throttle Operating Range 5500-6100 rpm
Gear Ratio / Shift 2.29:1
Fuel Induction Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
Alternator 12V 54A
Steering Remote
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Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor
Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor

 Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor

Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor: 6 Cylinder, Electronic Fuel Injection, 25 in. Shaft, Power Tilt and Trim, 606 lb. Dry Weight, Digital Gauges, Cool White.

Suzuki DF250 was the first 250 horse power V-6 four-stroke outboard on the market. This is the motor that started it all and has a showcase full of trophies and awards to prove it. If you are buying a new boat or repowering a trusty companion, make it a one stop shop and rig that boat with a new Suzuki DF250 V-6. You’ll be glad you did.

Features for Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor
  • Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Variable Valve Timing System
  • Multi-Stage Induction System
  • Two-Stage Gear Reduction System
  • Offset Driveshaft
  • Direct Ignition
  • Over-Rev. Limiter
  • Low Oil Pressure Caution
  • Fully Transistorized Ignition
  • Timing Chain
  • Fresh Water Flushing System
  • Power Trim and Tilt
  • Tilt Limit
  • Speedometer Pickup on Gear Case
  • Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System
  • Recommended Transom Height: 25 in.
  • Starting System: Electric
  • Weight: 606 lbs
  • Engine Type: DOHC 24-Valve
  • Fuel Delivery System: Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Number of Cylinders: V6 (55°)
  • Piston Displacement: 220.5 cu. in. (3614 cc)
  • Bore x Stroke: 3.74 x 3.35 in. (95 x 85 mm)
  • Maximum Output: 250 HP
  • Operating Range: 5500-6100 RPM
  • Steering: Remote
  • Oil Pan Capacity: 8.5 qt. (8.0 L)
  • Ignition System: Solid State Direct Ignition
  • Alternator: 12V 54A
  • Trim Position: Power Trim and Tilt
  • Gear Ratio: 2.29:1
  • Standard Propeller: Optional; Propeller Selection: 17 – 27.5
  • Available Body Color: Cool White

Suzuki DF250TXW4 Outboard Motor


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